What is the intention of the Flags for a New World?


Live with intent.

It’s not just what we do every day that matters, it is the intent we put into the things we do that takes us closer or further away from the life we want to live. 

Mantra here is align your actions with your values and you can change your reality. This flags are a reminder of our values, a compass to lead how we want to live.


And as a consequence to create equality and unity among humanity. To build universal common ground that helps us respect each other and live together with our differences. 
What inspired you to create this flags?
My own llife circumstances a few years ago, where I was lost and didn't know who I was. I design the flags to have a reminder of what I stand for.
To help me take full responsibility and not to blame. To avoid the repetition of the same stories over and over without reconciliation, without forgiveness. To create the life I wanted to live in.
Can we learn through love instead?
I do believe so, it is our choice through our thoughts, feeling and actions.
These flags are a reminder of our true nature, a compass to help us keep our values present when we are taking actions. 
Are these flags for me?
Yes, if you are aware that the way we are living is not sustainable.
Yes, if you want to live in a healthier and happier world.
Yes, if you want to live intentionally.
Yes, if you are honest with yourself.
Yes, if you want to bring change into your life.
Yes, if you want support along the way.
Yes, if you want to contribute to this world.
Yes, if you know the power is in you.
Nope, if you blame others for your life.
No, if you allow others to control your life.
No, if you feel you are a victim.
No, if you want change but don't want to change.
No, if you are a cinic about life.
These flags are for the believers
that we can create a new world.