Let’s be honest. We are all messed up in some way or another.
We are all 'weird' in some ways. Fear has mostly driven our lives. 
We all just want to be loved, to be heard, to be seen, to connect.
We need healing; we are starving for healing. We are all asking for help in some way. How far do we have to go?
To accept ourselves as beautiful, vulnerable and the perfect beings we are is our work. We are gorgeous; our nature is divine.
Our amazing body, and the inner technology it carries,
is so powerful and we are afraid of its potential or haven't figured out how to use it.
We need to self-actualize; we need to upgrade the programs we are running on.
Our beings are so wise that inside we all know what we need.
We just need to pause and listen, slow down, pay attention, be aware of
what resonates within us and what calls us. We need to create safer environments that can hold us.
We need to commit to getting better, own our responsability, be willing to change.
And recognize that we all have fears and be vulnerable to talk about them.
Just don’t let them lead your life; life is yours to live.
Be willing to live in love, not fear; be willing to live courageously, not in hiding.
It is possible if we respect each other; we are here, all going through the same lessons. We are all in this together.
Let’s imagine a new world where despite our differences, we acknowledge that we are all equal and unique at the same time.
 It is our choice; it’s up to us!
Let’s fly new flags!